Rock Star

Amid great fanfare, The Rock made its' LA Debut. I went to see it just days after the unveiling. And the effect? A bit underwhelming, actually.

"Size determines an object but scale determines art,' said Robert Smithson of 'Spiral Jetty' fame. A more refined version of 'size matters.' Although the sculputure is gorgeous to be sure it now lacks the foil of the crowded city streets I had come to know. When it was strutting its stuff in Bixby Knolls or dwarfing churches in Carson, it had a different aura, a larger scale. It asserted itself: 'I am The Rock. And I Rule!'

But like many things about art- most visitors to the sculpture do not know its past. We rarely see the drawings of the Master, only the Mona Lisa. So to take 'Levitated Mass' at face value I had to erase the history of its journey. Upon viewing the installation it is impressive indeed: a sleek channel cut into the desert with a floating granite boulder above. A beautiful juxtaposition and gorgeous work of art; the olive perched on the rim your martini glass.