Laguna Art Museum Installation: The Table (Pt. II)

Wow. Now I know why there is a job called, ‘Event Designer.’ There is a huge amount of planning, attention to detail, and creativity involved. There is also a baffling array of choices with decisions to be made each step of the way. Make one change and, Bam! A domino effect sends you back to ‘Go.’

The Table: after toying around with different shapes and heights, I decided we are bounded by the shape we’re in- our bodies dictate what is comfortable for us. Like gravity, we cannot break the laws of dining without a great deal of discomfort! So I ended up with the 8’ x 4’ banquet table- not creative but a really good shape for dinner.

The Linens: as usual, I was seduced by color. When I visited the showroom there were soooo many gorgeous fabrics and colors! I have experience with fashion design and textiles so it was hard to resist the fuchsia Dupioni silk or the orange Damask with the textured swirl. And the sheers! Sexy transparent drapes with contrasting warp and weft which change color as one passes! Yum. Delicious.

The Chairs: since we enjoy entertaining and do it a lot, I wanted them to be comfortable. At home, we have a comfy bench with pillows. I really wanted couches on one side since I’m the one that always goes for the banquette at a restaurant, but sadly the budget did not allow. I did however find some comfy fuchsia chairs that (hopefully) will not look like the Prom! Or maybe it will look like the Prom but with better food.