From Mountains to Surf

The classic So Cal thing is to ski in the morning and catch a few waves at sunset. To celebrate Labor Day weekend I took a beautiful (but long!) 22 mile hike in the San Bernadinos, then followed up with the 81st annual Oceanside Pier Swim. I love the diversity of the Southland.

The hike offered breathtaking views of the basin and we were lucky with clear weather. From the top of San Gorgonio, we could see Catalina and San Clemente Islands- a good 70+ mi southwest of the summit. At 11,500' the mountain offered challenging hiking for our Mt Whitney preparations! 'LA, just like I pictured it' popped into my head as a Stevie Wonder mash-up. The shapes and colors of the surrounding mountains were stunning- each with its own palette and distinctive character.

I was WISHING for the 95 degree heat we had on the mountain when I hit the beach at Oceanside two days later. The 59-degree water was cold but not as bad as the crisp breeze in the air! Even though the race was only a mile the currents were strong and had their way with me- I veered off course and had to swim up current just to round the first buoy. I swim almost 2 miles several times a week but there's something about ocean swimming that makes it a whole different ball game. The Mighty Pacific has a way of reminding you just who's the Boss!

Mark's Supercoffee and some miso soup chased away the chills and a couple hours later I was good as new.